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Basic Facial

$ 65.00

  • Includes skin type cleansing, exfoliation with enzymes peeling, steam & extractions. Pampering massage, soothing mask with relaxing aromatherapy oils to enhance the entire experience

Acne Treatment Facial

$ 65.00

  • Cleansing, exfoliation with enzymes, full extraction followed with special acne treatment, ampoule & a refreshing and soothing mask.

Collagen & DNA Facial

$ 75.00

  • Treat yourself to a cleansing & exfoliation peeling with enzymes. Includes a regenerating & calming gel, a firming ampoule & a freeze-dried collagen ampoule to follow. That’s not all! Receive a facial massage with a cream containing elastin, collagen & essential vitamins. It softens lines & will improve the elasticity of your skin. Great results you can count on!

Vitamin C Facial

$ 75.00

  • A must for sun lovers!!! Experience a deep cleansing & exfoliation with an enzyme peeling. Concentrated vitamin C ampoule and seaweed mask. Hydrating beyond your believe!

Hydro-Lifting Facial

$ 75.00

  • Includes a deep cleansing of the skin. Exfoliation with an enzyme peeling, a hydrating & regenerating gel, concluding with a firming mask, Lots of facial lifting massages. Guaranteed to make you feel younger!

Back Facial

$ 60.00 & up

  • Go completely strapless! After this treatment you will. Experience intense exfoliation, steamed-hydrating mask & a soothing massage to follow.

Collagen Treatment

$ 35.00

  • Cleansing of the face with exfoliating wheat scrub. Proceeds with an application of 100% Collagen & DNA regenerating-hydrating gel. Its priority, to improve overall facial appearance & soften unwanted lines

Collagen Cryo Anti-Stress Eye Mask

$ 35.00

  • Enjoy a soothing, yet revitalizing treatment of freeze-dried, live collagen cells that will smooth fine lines & firm your delicate skin around your eyes. For best results, a series of 6 treatments are highly recommended!

4 Layer Seaweed Mask

$ 60.00

  • Includes cleansing, exfoliating and toning. Then, we proceed with your layers of seaweed. Vitamin C & minerals penetrate de skin creating a warming, then cooling sensation, resulting in radiance and rejuvenation!

Treatment Ampoules

$ 10.00 & up

  • Add collagen, elastin &/or DNA to enhance your skin. Cytokin ampoules & Placenta ampoules are also available.

Non-Surgical Lifting

$ 75.00

  • Includes cleansing and exfoliation with an enzyme peeling. Also a massage with hydrating & calming gel. Concludes with a firming mask.

Glycolic Peel

$ 40.00

  • Removes dead skin cells. Therefore, rejuvenating your skin & promoting rapid cell renewal. Leaving a healthier appearance of the skin! Concludes with a hydrating mask.